Tuesday 28 March 2017

Advice and funding to improve efficiency

You may not be aware, but SME businesses that fall within the Leeds City Region can potentially access free advice and funding to reduce their energy, water and waste costs.

The programme is called the Resource Efficiency Fund and is being delivered by the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership. Green Gain has been selected as a key partner in the delivery of the technical audits provided through the programme.

The Resource Efficiency Fund provides financial support and advice for SMEs looking to become more resource efficient in the way they do business.

It offers free resource efficiency assessments of your business, with advice and guidance on ways to save money and waste, and 50% grant funding of up to £10,000 available to help. You will be eligibile for support if your business is an SME that falls within the Leeds City Region highlighted in the map below:

To be eligible for support, your SME business must be:

  • Based in the Leeds City Region excluding Barnsley, i.e. a trading address in the Leeds City Region
  • In an eligible sector - this generally excludes primary agriculture, banking and financial services, and (for grants in particular) those trading directly with consumers- e.g. retail and hospitality
  • Able to provide evidence of your previous energy and resource consumption, for example your previous utility bills
  • Not being part of a larger group of companies that takes it over the SME threshold

For more information visit the LEP website.
To register your interest and find out more about the Resource Efficiency Fund, call 0114 348 1818 or email: businessgrowth@the-lep.com to speak to a business advisor. Please mention that Green Gain put you in touch!

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Green Gain secures supply partnership deal for bin-fill monitoring system Sensoneo

Green Gain recently established a partnership with a Slovakian technology and software developer, Brain:IT to act as the UK supplier for their new 'Sensoneo' system.

Sensoneo is an intelligent, user-friendly technology delivering real-time monitoring of the fill-level of waste containers. The high precision sensors use ultra-sound technology, measuring the level of the waste in regular intervals, and using multiple angles to capture undistorted fill status.
The sensors send the data through to a secure web-based cloud platform using a GSM network. The Platform can be viewed and managed by both the waste producer and the waste contractor using our dedicated Apps.

Data is presented in real-time for bin volumes. Efficient route plans can be easily developed to ensure only full bins are being collected. The system can be leased or purchased delivering a 15-30% saving on operational waste collection costs through improved route efficiencies.

The key market sectors that Green Gain will target with this technology are:
Local authorities
Waste management companies
Large businesses with multiple sites
Large healthcare organisations with multiple and/or sprawling sites

Sensoneo, whilst only in its first 18 months of commercial production, surpasses its competitors in several areas, including: measurement precision, error elimination, useful life, ability to implement the solution in all types of waste collection containers, sensor weight and size (there is no smaller sensor on the market capable of providing the same functionality), intelligent attachment and simple installation, and the lowest cost of operation (achieved through data transfer sharing between multiple sensors capable of communicating together). In addition, the applications can be “tailor-made” for clients. The data platform can be integrated with a client’s existing information systems. We also offer connectivity through LoRaWAN networks which is higher speed, less costly, and extends battery life.

If you are interested in more information about the system or would like to trial the Sensoneo system, then please get in touch via: info@greengain.co.uk

Tuesday 2 August 2016

This August, take advantage of Green Gain's ‘resource efficiency support’ package to move forward your environmental objectives and deliver savings.  Green Gain offers technical expertise and the flexibility to adapt our support to your bespoke business needs. You will receive support from our highly experienced team who can assist accross a range of technical disciplines. 

  • Flexible bespoke support; 
  • Highly experienced team;
  • Multi-disciplinary skill-sets;
  • Typical payback is 3 months
  • Access low-carbon technologies;
  • Meet CSR objectives.

Areas of expertise

•    Baseline environmental impact measurement;
•    Benchmarking and target setting;
•    Environmental Strategy Development;
•    Implementation of efficiency measures across energy, waste, and water;
•    Renewable energy feasibility studies;
•    Introduction to process efficient technologies;
•    Staff training and awareness raising;
•    Procurement of waste management contracts;
•    Mapping of environmental impacts across national sites;
•    Green product and packaging design;
•    Carbon foot-printing;
•    Establishing circular economy business models.

Here is what our customers say

“As energy, waste and commodity prices continue to rise, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue. The work we are doing with Green Gain to address these issues is not only gaining us recognition with our customers; it is helping to secure our long-term future”. 
Keith Foreman, Managing Director, Freshpak Chilled Foods

“Our requirement was quickly understood and an excellent piece of work ensued. It was refreshing working with a team of people who clearly have a strong grasp on what they deliver.”
Jane Fowler, Marketing Director, Crompton Controls

"Green Gain provided Plastic Trading with support to develop a new recycling process for the plastic materials we handle. They ensured that we have robust market information to feed into our business plan and helped us to understand the impact we're having on carbon reduction. We were impressed with the quality of their work."
Jane Abson, Managing Director, Plastics Trading Ltd

Our typical day rate is £500/day, so with the August discount you could receive support for £350/day (excluding VAT).

Please contact Green Gain today to organise a summer support package that meets your needs.

Friday 17 June 2016

Green Gain takes centre stage at EcoFair 2016

On the 15th June, the Green Gain Directors Steven Ogden and Ashley Robb presented at EcoFair, the largest B2B environmental event in the north of England.

In its seventh year, EcoFair brings together business and technical environmental expetise in areas such as energy, carbon reduction, regulation, the built environment and the circular economy.

Green Gain presented two case studies of resource efficient business models that we have recently helped to take forward.

The first case study considered Fresh-pak Chilled Foods, the UK’s largest manufacturer of deli-fillings. Green Gain has been supporting them to review their operations in order to improve their overall operational efficiency. Adopting Green Gain's Accelerator programme has helped the business to review and rethink how they deliver their day-to-day business has helped Fresh-Pak uncover six figure savings and win an Asda sustainability award.

The second case study reviewed the work Green Gain delivered to help support the growth and commercialisation of Restructa in Scotland who have developed a high-value product from a low-value material. Restructa produce a decorative aggregate from the panel glass from Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) television screens. The product has great ‘sustainability’ credentials, and is extremely versatile being used for a number of landscaping applications. Our presentation will took the audience through the journey of progressing the product from conception to commercialisation.

Full copies of the presentations can be obtained by contacting: info@greengain.co.uk, along with details of how we can support your business to do the same.

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Get your first 4 waste and recycling collections FREE of charge

First 4 Waste Collections FREE, if you sign up before the 30th June 2016
Our partners at Forge Recycling are offering a unique opportunity for you to benefit from having your Waste, Dry Mixed Recyclables, Food Waste or Glass Bottles collected FREE OF CHARGE. This special offer applies to Yorkshire-based companies within their service area that commit to a 12 month contract.

 Forge Recycling offer a high-quality service at a low-cost price:
  • Yorkshire company with a local customer service office
  • Operate 24 / 7
  • Collect: General waste, Dry Mixed Recyclables, Food waste and Glass
  • They are not a broker - they operate their own fleet of vehicles
  • No hidden charges

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Introducing Market Gain

Green Gain has developed a new service called MarketGainTM aimed specifically at environmental technology businesses. MarketGainTM is a low cost, high-value way of generating meaningful leads for your low-carbon products and services. It reaches a market of over 20,000 companies across the UK through targeted digital media campaigns. Our prices range from £150 to £195 per month (ex. VAT).

MarketGainTM is the only online lead generation service dedicated to low-carbon products. Our contacts are in senior decision-making roles: Business Directors, Managing Directors and Financial Directors and these are updated on a monthly basis. 

A selection of the product categories we can generate leads for are summarised below - although this list is by no means exclusive.  We only promote a single product/service under each low-carbon product category to avoid any duplication or competing interest.

Contact us today to secure your product category listing and generate sales leads with high conversion potential.

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Introducing Tender Gain

Tender Gain
Cost saving, professional means of procuring sustainable waste management services and green energy

Green Gain has recently helped to develop a comprehensive procurement process for a new waste management contract for KFC UK Ltd. As a result of our support, they are now in the process of appointing a contractor that will provide them with a zero waste to landfill, high-recycling solution; helping make the transition from ‘wastes management’ to ‘resources management’. The work has really helped re-define their waste strategy and will make a big impact on their Corporate and Social Responsibility.